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What are Angel Numbers? What Do They Mean?

Ever went through a day where you encounter a number constantly? Anytime you looked at your phone, it was 3:33 p.m, you scratched your lottery ticket and won $333, and your ice coffee was $3.33. 

Is this a coincidence? Maybe….or maybe not.

Or have you seen those “222”, “333”, or “444” jewelry and are wondering what on earth does those three digits mean? 

You’re not alone! They’re called Angel Numbers.

Angel numbers are a recurring sequence of 3-4 numbers one encounters randomly that holds a spiritual meaning. The numbers range from 1-9, like 1111 or 222 and so forth. 

In Numerology, Angel Numbers are shown to you to convey a message. When the numbers appear repeatedly, your guardian angels are speaking to you and it is up to you to decipher the message. 

These numbers are believed to come from the spiritual universe to offer guidance and insight. 

Find out which Angel Number resonates with you. 


Trust your intuition. Sometimes we can be stubborn and go with what our brain is telling us, rather than our heart. Your guardian angels is telling you to trust your gut feeling and don’t undermine them. 


You are in the right place at the right time. Your guardian angel is letting you know that everything is happening as it should be. At times, we can be stressed and feel like we aren’t where we should be. Your angels are reassuring you that you are exactly where you are meant to be, remain calm. Your journey will unravel with time. 

333 - SUPPORT 

We all need support from time to time. Your guardian angels are sending you their upmost love, support, and guidance to you. You are on the right path when you receive this

Angel energy



The number 444 means your guardian angels are offering their protection to you. Your angel is letting you know you are not alone, it will appear during times where we need it the most. The next time you see 444 on a license plate, the clock, or an address, know that your guardian angel is guiding you through every path. 


When you encounter the 555 angel number, watch out! It means major life changes are heading your way. It will be a transitional phase in your life. There’s no need to worry or stress about this message. Your guardian angels would not send it if you weren‘t ready for these changes or if they weren’t going to do you any good. Trust in what is coming your way.

666 - REFLECT 

In pop culture, the number 666 is usually associated with the devil, however this is not true. At times, life moves so fast we don’t stop and think about our actions. When you see 666, your guardian angels are telling you sit back and refocus on what’s going on in your life. Or else, there will be consequences ahead. It is a gentle reminder to stop and reflect on your decisions and what you can do better. 
Angel numbers

777 - LUCK 

Ding, ding, ding! It’s your lucky day! Your guardian angels are letting you know you are on the right path. The angel number is associated with good luck, fortune, and support. It’s finally time for a reward! Wonderful things will come your way once you encounter 777. 

888 - BALANCE 

Your guardian angel is letting you know you are reaching a period of stability in your life. Everything is falling in place and meant to be, all of your hard work is paying off. The number eight also represents the infinity symbol which is a sign of unlimited abundance in the universe. 


A positive sign from the universe, 999 represents the start of a new era in your life. Your guardian angels are letting you know you are closing a major chapter in your life. Start preparing for a new and exciting one filled with love, abundance, and happiness. Whether the ending is moving to a new city, ending a friendship, or quitting your job, continue on your path and the highest good will gravitate towards you. 


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